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The name Eleo is inspired by the Greek word for oil (έλαιο). The Eleo hair care range is infused with Argan and Rose oils, Burdock and vitamins that restore strong, beautiful hair from the inside out. DISCOVER ELEO ELEO’s infusion of precious Argan and Rose oils, Burdock and Vitamin F nourishes and replenishes your hair. …
Intensively supporting hair mask infused with natural Argan and Rose Oils restores hair from the inside out to make it better, smoother, shinier and divinely aromatic. For all hair types
Luxurious shampoo permeated with natural Argan and Rose Oils. Gently detoxifies and nourishes for hair that gleams with health and smells blissful. For all hair types. 200ml
eleo PROTECTING OIL Luxurious, aromatic inishing oil saturated with natural Argan and Rose Oils, Burdock and Vitamin F. Lighter, non-greasy formula nurtures greatly to recover and invigorate from the inside, and smoothe the outside, for flexible, sleek, healthy-looking hair. For all hair types. Ideal for colour-treated hair. 50ml Luxurious natural Argan and Rose oils, Burdock …
An intensely pigmented, light cream formula that provides superior adhesion to eyelids, for supreme staying power. Dries down to a powder soft, velvety feel and has a shimmering finish just like liquid metal. Can be applied for a sheer and soft effect or layered for extra intensity. Buildable eye shadow with shimmering finish, like liquid …
1RETRACTABLE TIP Never needs SHARPENING 99% OF WOMEN agreed perfect for HIGH IMPACT LOOKS 2 Pigment-rich metallic cream shadow glides on like silk, feels like velvet and looks like metal. Hard-wearing, smudge-resistant formula lasts for hours** for luminous, attention grabbing eye confidence. 3 Long lasting MEGA IMPACT colour
Oozing shameless glamour audacious confidence and hypnotic sensuality you eclipse even the most decadent room with your presence. you are more than divine you are an idol.
Daydream in full blossom or GIORDANI GOLD When in Rome